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Astrofegia Beach Villa

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with Heated pool
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Astrofegia Frontbeach Villa
Astrofegia Frontbeach villa - the nearest front beach villa in cyprus!!
Not just another villa, this is 5 stars front beach villa !

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Exclusive 3 bedrooms Cyprus Beach Villa with 3 En-suite bathrooms Villa, private huge solar & Gas heated Salty water-chemical free swimming pool, external pool-Jacuzzi, facilities for the disabled Internet connection, and much more....
Situated on the beach side (front beach) in Paphos district area - Polis Chrysochous.

This is a Non-Smoking Villa - Smoking will only be permitted in outside areas.

No pets allowed.

Villa sleeps 6 normal and max. 9 people

Villa as viewed from the mountain
picture as vieed from the mountain South  
Click HERE or 'copy' and 'paste' the following coordinates to 'Google Earth'
or to 'Google Maps' to see a Satellite image of the Villa and surrounding area:
 35.175000, 32.553277

Astrofegia beach villa video VIDEO of the villa

Welcome to 'Astrofegia Frontbeach villa'
Main entrance of the villa
Astrofegia beach Villa, Kyriakou Matsi 3
Pomos 8870, Paphos, Cyprus

Geographical villa's position:

Lat:    35 10' 30.00" N
Long: 032 33' 11.80" E

Astrofegia beach villa garden & pool area
Villas in Cyprus - Astrofegia beach villa main building

Stay at our Romantic & luxury beach villa'!! 
Astrofegia beach villa at sunset

Location: In Pomos - 20m from the sea water, zero meters from the beach !!!

The border of the villa's plot starts from the beach, it's maybe the nearest from the sea  villa in Cyprus. The sea here is safe and suitable for swimming as well.

Solar & Gas Heated Pool:
The temperature of swimming pool's water can heated using 20 Solar Panels 2x1 meters. Depending on the season and assuming that in Cyprus we have 11 months per year sunny days the temperature of the water can be rising up to 10 degrees Celsius higher  than the normal temperature of other pools. This can be adjusted in the possible limits for not overheating according to your request. This facility of the pool is completely FREE. (Please note since the facility of the pool heating using solar panels is offered free and it's operation depends 100% on the sun we are not responsible for reduced operation in case of non sun shining days. The solar works good on sun shining days from the period about April - end of October - mid November assuming that you keep the pool cover on top)
20 Solar Panels 2x1m for pool Heating
20 Solar panels for swimming pool heating


New  In addition to the above the Heating of the pool is now boosted using Fuel Boiler, so now we may quarantine the heating of the pool up to 30 degrees Celsius all the year round. The heating of the pool using the fuel boiler (optional) is charged extra as follows:  120 Euro per day from November - March  and  80 Euro per day from April - October
Note:  The above price is for 5 days min. We may quarantine this facility will operate satisfactory assuming that you keep the cover on top at night and generally keep the pool covered anytime you don't using it.
Covering the pool it's very important for the good operation of the water heating.
Beautiful sea-spot just in the front of the villa
Beautifull sea-spot in the front of the villa
villa as viewed from the sea
villa as viewed from the sea
beach in the front of the villa
beach exactly in the front of the villa

villa as viewed from the sea
villa as viewed from the sea

Beach as viewed from the private area of villa
beach in the front of the villa
Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi:
Luxury huge swimming pool 'L' shape 15x10x5 meters with, 8 wooden sun beds , 4 Sun-Umbrellas, Wooden garden  table with 10 chairs.
  • The pool has 3 Stairs: With Ramp to the shallow end suitable for the disabled and 2 ladders to the deep end.
  • Jacuzzi: There is a luxury Jacuzzi for 4-5 persons just near the one end of the swimming
Swimming pool at night
pool at night
  • New!!! Salty water of the pool gives you the opportunity to have a true Thalassotherapy Spa in the villa.
    Thalassotherapy is based on the principle of treating the body with seawater either as a cure or as a preventative measure.  The salty water in the pool has been filtered through special filtration system to arrive crystal clear and still full of the elements which will so benefit your body.   Thalassotherapy provides an effective treatment for the human body as it combines the highly concentrated mineral elements of seawater and seawater products with the use of hot water. (as the water of the pool is heated!)
    Regular swimming in this heated seawater will soon bring marked improvements in your skin and general sense of wellbeing.  As your body will take whatever it needs from the water you will soon see, without any real effort, improvement in your skin tone, reduction in the appearance of cellulite and almost certainly some weight loss due to the high iodine content of the water.
    Its benefits in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism as well as any dermatitis of the skin are legendary. Psoriasis and Eczema sufferers benefit greatly.
    We are proud to announce the use of new and proven technologies for sanitizing the water of the pool without the need of chorine or other dangerous chemicals. For more safety this is achieved with 3 different technologies combining together, as follows:
    1) Ozonating the pool by adding in the pool's water Ozone (O) which sterilize the water by killing any kind of bacteria & algae and makes crystal water.
    2) Use of the UV technology to sterilize the pool water (kills all known bacteria)
    3) Use of Ionizing the water (putting positive ions of Cooper, Silver and Zink in the pool, which also kills any kind of bacteria).
    Those above technologies are 100% safe, environment friendly and have been used the last years in the Olympic pools. You can find anyway a lot of articles in the internet proving that.
    When I don't have customers in the pool I use the pool for my own family, so I want the best water quality and safe !!
  • Safety: The whole area of the pool is enclosed by 1.10 m high railing with gates suitable also for wheel chair access. This feature makes the villa safe for families with small children
  • 2 life rings also are available.
  • The pool is divided to 2 levels: 
  • The side with ramp entrance is 0.70m suitable for children and disables.
  • The other side of the pool is 1.70 m suitable for adults.
Salty water Swimming pool 15x10x5m
Huge 'L' shape salty water swimming pool 15x4.5x10m
.New! Gazebo area with billiard table (pool table) & GYM facilities)
- A gazebo with pool table is been established at the villa, this is located between the pool and Barbeque.
- This facility will offers you more pleasure during your stay at the villa FREE of charge.
In addition at the Gazebo we have establish some GYM equipments like Elliptical trainer, gym bench and various free weights 
  pool table (billiard table)
6 pockets billard table (pool table)
 Gazebo with pool table
Gazebo with pool table
Swimming pool among the garden Gazebo with billiard table
Basketball playground
Basketball playground
Basketball Playground
An almost professional basketball playground has been established at the villa for your entertainment. This has an normal size basketball rigs and ground approx.5x30m
Basketball playground
Basketball playground
Table tennis:  Another facility have been established at the villa to keeps you busy during your holiday! This is located also near the swimming pool and Gazebo. The facility is free of charge. Table tennis
tennis table


Dartboard: A professional Dartboard is also available at the outside area of the villa.  Dartboard
cyprus villa with dartboard
 Fast Internet connection Wi-Fi have been established at the villa FREE of charge (Computer is NOT included, so please bring your own laptop) Internet Connection
Internet connection
Air-conditioners, Heating and Fans Free of charge:
  • There are 5 Air-Conditioning units for cooling and heating covering all areas of the Villa which are included in the price FREE
  • Those are distributed: 1 in each bedroom (total 3) and 2 on lounge, dining room and kitchen area (open plan area).
  • Ceiling fan provided also at all the bedrooms Free of Charge.
Bedrooms & beds available:
- There  are 3 bedrooms: 2 bedroom upstairs and 1 downstairs which has facilities for the disabled.

- Every bed is equipped with special reading light/s
The One of the bedroom upstairs has:
  •  A king-size bed of 6'(180cm) with all accessories.
  • A comfortable chair also is available in the room, as well coffee tables.
  • TV 32" with Sat and DVD (Sky, Hotbird, Hellas Sat, Nilesat)
  • Hi-Fi
Bedroom upstairs with sea view
bedroom upstairs with sea view
The other of the bedroom upstairs has:
  • 2 beds of 4' (120cm, almost double)  with all accessories. (in this bedroom they can sleep normally 2 persons and max 4 persons comfortable). 
  • TV 32" with Sat and DVD (Sky, Hotbird, Hellas Sat, Nilesat)
  • Hi-Fi
   Twin bedroom upstairs with sea & mountain view
bedroom upstairs mountain view
The 3rd bedroom downstairs has:
  • Also a king-size bed of 6' (180cm) with all accessories
  • A comfortable chair also is available in the room, as well coffee tables.
  • TV 32" with Sat and DVD (Sky, Hotbird, Hellas Sat, Nilesat)
  • Hi-Fi
Bedroom downstairs with view to the pool and the sea
Dowble bedroom downstairs          bedroom downstairs
  • Also there are  4 triple sofas in lounge area where can be converted to 3'6'' beds.
  • Cots can be supplied on request.
  • 2 Baby cots are also available at the villa.
  • The villa can sleep 6 people in comfort and up to 12 persons using the 4 sofa beds and extra cot.


Bathrooms & shower cubicle:
  • All 3 bedroom have en-suite facilities with razor plug and bell button for emergency's.
  • The 2 upstairs have WC, wash basin and bath with shower attachment.
  • The downstairs en-suite has a shower cubicle and that is also convenient for the disabled.
  • The shower cubicle-bathroom (downstairs one) is located so as according to your desire to be private for the bedroom downstairs (en-suite) or shared with other bedrooms.
  • All the bathrooms have in the bath support rail for disable/elderly people and the downstairs one have in addition 2 support rails in the WC.
En-suite bathroom No.1
En-suite bathroom no.1 upstairs


En-suite bathroom No.2
En-suite bathroom No.2 downstairs

3rd bathroom downstairs en-suite shower
3rd bathroom downstairs with sauna
Linen: Linen and towels are provided once a week, as well as some extra

Balconies and Verandas:

  • For each of the 2 upstairs bedrooms there is a private balcony equipped with chairs and coffee table.
  • For common use there is a big terrace with a panoramic sea & mountain view equipped with 4 high wooden chairs and 2 wooden coffee tables  and 2 sun beds.
  • The downstairs bedroom have also a veranda in the front of the swimming pool with sea view.
Terrace for the 2 bedrooms upstairs
terrace              Terrace for the 2 bedroom upstairs
  • The other bedroom downstairs has large veranda with loggia and sea and mountain view as well. This veranda is equipped with wooden table with 10 chairs. (so you may enjoy your meal outside in the veranda in the front of the pool.)



Veranda downstairs
Veranda in the front of bedroom and lounge downstairs

Kitchen: Fully equipped with:
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge
  • Water cooler + Heater
  • Gas Hobs and air extractor
  • Oven
  • Toaster
  • Citric juicer
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Tea maker
  • Griller
  • Blender
  • Small mixer
  • General kitchen utensils
  • also salt, pepper, toilet rolls etc.

Other Facilities:

  • Washing machine
  • Iron with ironing board
  • 3 hair dryers (one in each bedroom)
  • Safe box
  • 2 Baby cots
  • 2 Baby high-chairs
  • Event express steam sterilizer

Kitchen fully equipped
fully equipped kitchen

Bar with 5 high chairs
Bar with 5 high chairs
There is a small bar with 5 high chairs, in the separation between the kitchen and dining room area.
This can be used to take your drinks and also as a breakfast table.

Note: The existed bar's drinks can be used by customers paying the equivalent amount or can be replaced by the same before leaving.

kitchen with bar

Drinks on top of the bar
Drinks in the top of the bar

Dining Room:
  • There is big table with 8 chairs.
  • Another 4 chairs extra are also available in the dining room area.
  • The bar with 5 high chairs can be also used for drink's or breakfast.


Dining room
Dining room
Living Room -Lounge:
  • 1 corner sofa for 6 persons (converter to 2 different beds of 3'6'').
  • 2 triple sofas (converter to beds of 3'6''as well)
  • A lot of coffee tables.
  • In the lounge area they can sit comfortable 12 persons.
Living room - Lounge
living room - lounge area


LOUNGE area:

  • TV 40" (SONY WIDE SCREEN 100 Hz) with 9 local TV channels
  • Sony BLU-RAY Player (plays Blu-Ray disc, DVD, CD, MP3)
  • Sony DVD player (plays DVD & CDs)
  • Sony VHS VIDEO  Player
  • Multi Sat receiver with 4 different Satellites (HOTBIRD, Nilesat, SKY and Hellas Sat) (about 1000 Free to Air International channels).
  • Play Station 3 (PS3) (Please bring your own games or rent from local game-shop)
  • SKYBOX (in addition to the above, it's the family package - English channels)
  • Media Player (to enjoy your digital music & movies - accepts USB flash drive)
  • Pioneer Professional HOME CINEMA with Radio receiver and 8 speakers to enjoy your Blu-Ray & DVD movies, also best quality for CD playing
  • Power SONY Hi-fi system with CD, DVD, MP3 and Video-DVD player, Radio & cassette player with interior & exterior 4 speakers (in swimming pool area)
  • Many Video VHS, DVD movies & cartoons are also available at the villa.
  • Many holiday books.
  • Pair of Binoculars (to see the dolphins!)


  • TV 32" (SONY WIDE SCREEN 100 Hz) with 8 local TV channels
  • Sony DVD player (plays DVD & CDs)
  • Multi SAT receiver with 4 different Satellites (HOTBIRD, Nilesat, SKY and Hellas Sat) (about 1000 Free to Air International channels)
  • Small Hi-Fi CD, Radio, USB MP3 player.
  • In addition to the above Master bedroom has a SKYBOX & Media Player (to enjoy your digital music & movies - accepts USB flash drive)
 TV 40'' & Hi-fi systems
Tv & hi-fi systems




 You Bring your own music in MP3 using USB DRIVE so you play them in Lounge and all bedrooms, especially you can play it using the Hi-Fi having the exterior speaker for the swimming pool area.

Lobby area:

For welcomes you to the villa :))

Lobby area
Lobby area
  • A mobile type of telephone with  local No. is been established to the villa, so you can save money making your phone calls to your country without necessary to charge your country personal mobile (which cost much more).
  • Also you can give this No. to your friends for incoming calls without to charge your personal mobile phone.
  • Since this No. is not for making bookings, to avoid confusion we don't write the number in the web-site. This number will be available to  you if you ask it in the email or when you come to the villa.
  • The villas telephone is working with prepaid time cards. Cards are very easy to load to the telephone "So easy cards" and will be available for you to buy at the villa or in the most shops in Cyprus. (there is 5.00, 10.00 & 20.00 & 50 Euro cards)
  • Even with 'zero time' in the phone this can accept incoming calls or outgoing emergency calls.
Villa accessible by wheel chair in Paphos Cyprus Facilities for the disabled & elderly people:
  • 4 ramps for wheel Chairs access (from the main entrance, from the garage and from the veranda of bedroom downstairs to the swimming pool.)
  • For bedroom downstairs there is a shower cubicle  instead of bath, which is more suitable for the disabled and elderly people. Inside the bathroom there is Bell-button for Emergency signal.
  • The bathroom for the downstairs bedroom have 3 support rails (Grab rails) for the toilet
Mobility scooter is available for rent at the villa
140 Euro per week or 250 Euro for 2 weeks.

Mobility scooter speed 15km/h
  • Support rails there is also in the bath for the both upstairs bathrooms
  • There is easy access by wheel chair to all places outside the building, pool and garden.
  • Easy access by Ramp for entering the pool.
  • We can provide you rent-wheel chair on request. Please contact us for the cost
  • We can provide you rent-commode shower chair on request. Please contact us for the cost
  • A mobility scooter up to 15 km speed is also available for rent with the cost of140 euro per week or 250 Euro for 2 weeks (250.00 Euro).
  • Please feel free to ask or suggest anything that you think that will make your staying at the villa more comfortable and safe, we will be working hard to do it if that is possible prior you come.

Safety of the villa:

  • First Aid kit
  • 3 Fire fighting extinguishers (Co2)
  • 7 Emergency lights covers all the stairs, exits and main area of the villa in case of electricity failure.
  • All the bathrooms have bell-button for Emergency signal.
  • The deepest water of the pool is 1.70m for safety reasons. (if you want more deep waters you may go to the sea just few meters away)
  • 2 life rings for the swimming pool included as well.
  • Electric installation with special equipments which minimize to zero the possibility of electric  shock. This feature of equipments covers more than the regulation requires (includes RCBO breakers to 0.03A for every individual circuit) and it's very useful for families with small children.
  • Although the crime is maintained in very low level in Cyprus, for more safety the villa is protected by alarm system. 
  • Fire alarm are continuously in use to cover all the area of the villa.


A Professional BBQ is been established in the outside area of the villa. There you can cook your grilled meat using charcoals, or you can make our traditional "Cyprus souvla". For that we have all the machineries and equipments.
There is garage for 2 cars inside the building structure. this covered garage is very useful on
summer keeping your car cool when you need it.

The facility of the garage is also convenient for the disables to access to the villa directly from the car.

Garage for 2 cars
Local Activities:
Swimming or fishing near the villa (just few second walk!), walking, Cycling, golf (at Tsada village), water sports, local boat-cruises.


beach in front of the villa
beach in the front of the villa
Local Interest: 
Akamas Peninsula, Bath of Aphrodite (Goddess  Venus), Latchi and Polis tourist attraction, Latsi &  Pomos fishing harbors.

Beach - view from the pool
sea view from the pool
Sunset at Astrofegia beach villa
sunset at Astrofegia beach villa
Villa at night
villa at night  
Villa at night as seen from the beach
villa at night - view from the beach
Time to go by car To central points / Amenities:
  • Paphos Airport - 55 minutes by car
  • Paphos City - 45 minutes by car
  • Larnaca Airport - 2.5 Hours by car
  • Nearest Supermarket 1 minute by car 
  • Nearest restaurant - 1 minute on foot !
  • Sea - few seconds on foot !
  • Pomos harbour - 1 minute on foot !
  • Latchi harbour & tourist attraction - 15 minutes by car
  • Polis tourist attraction - 15 minutes by car
  • Tsada Golf-ground - 30 minutes by car
Directions to the Villa:
  • From Paphos Airport: Drive from Paphos Airport until you reach a 'T' junction and turn left towards Paphos. After about a 1 km turn right and drive North, then after about 1 km turn left to use the motorway to Paphos. At the end of the  motorway you will find a Roundabout. At the roundabout choose the 2nd exit direction to Polis Chrysochous. You will arrive Polis in 25 min. From Polis turn right and drive Eastward. You  will find the consecutive villages by the coast road: Argaka, Ayia Marina, Nea Dhimmata and Pomos (about 15 minutes from Polis). After the End of Pomos village you will see the sign to your left side: Pomos Fishing harbor and Astrofegia Beach Villa, just follow the signs where you will arrive after a minute !! Someone will be there waiting for you!
  • From Larnaca Airport: Drive about 50 Km to Lemesos (Limassol) using the motor-way, then about 45 km to Paphos town where in the end of motor way you will find a Roundabout. Then follow the same instructions as above.
Panoramic view of the villa
Panoramic view

location map of the villa
map showing the location of the villa

Pomos fishing harbour 150m from the villa
Pomos fishing harbour just 150m from the villa


Satellite image of the villas area by 'Google Earth'
image of the villa's area taken by "Google Earth'
Panoramic image of the villas area
taken from the mountain

Panoramic image of the villas area
Satellite image of the villa by 'Google Earth'
image of the villa taken by 'Google Earth'
Sandy beach South of Pomos harbour just 150m from the villa
Sandy beach just 150m from the villa (South of Pomos harbour)
Beach North of harbour just 150m from the villa
Beach just 150m from the villa (North of Pomos harbour)
Rental Rates: Euro Per Villa per Week
Click for currency conversion

2021, 2022 & 2023
  Rates per week in Euro
Month Number of persons
8 7 6 5 4 3 2
January 1380 1310 1240 1170 1105 1035 965
February 1380 1310 1240 1170 1105 1035 965
March 1495 1420 1345 1270 1195 1120 1045
April 1610 1530 1450 1370 1290 1210 1125
May 1955 1855 1760 1660 1565 1465 1370
June 2415 1375 2173 2055 19302 1810 1690
July 2875 2730 2590 2445 2300 2155 2015
August 3220 3060 2900 2737 2575 2415 2255
September 2415 2295 2175 2055 1930 1810 1690
October 2070 1965 1865 1760 1655 1555 1450
November 1495 1420 1345 1270 1195 1121 1046
December 1380 1310 1240 1170 1105 1035 965

Note for Rental rates:

  • Prices are for the minimum stay of 7 days. (Please contact us is if you want to stay less than 7 days)
  • The prices above includes all local taxes and expenses of the villa as well as the following:
    - Air Conditioning FREE
    - Internet access Wi-Fi FREE
    - Pool table, Tennis table & Basket FREE
    - Generally all the facilities of the villa is FREE unless otherwise is stated.
  • Swimming pools heating using SOLAR PANELS is FREE but if additional heating is required this will be charged extra: 120 Euro per day from November - March  and  80 Euro per day from April - October.   (min. 5 days)



Villa's  position
See the position of the villa marked in the panoramic picture 

Area of Pomos harbour & villa
Pomos fishing harbour area


Pomos village viewed from sea
Pomos village as viewed from the sea

Villa area as seen from Pahiammos
villas area as seen from Pahiammos mountains

Long view of villas area
Long view of villa's area as seen from Pomos mountains

Booking Policy:
  • A non refundable deposit amount 30% of total rent is payable at the time of firm  reservation to 'secure' the reservation. 
You can send the deposit by:
  • Preferable by PayPal (see below)
  • Credit card (Master Card, Diners Club, AMEX or visa).
  • Banks transfer (for that we can sent you our banks Account).

The balance is required to be paid on arrival at the villa:

  • Preferred by cash
  • If credit card is used for payment  a 2% admin fee will be added.


contact us for more information or booking

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Villa area as seen from Pahiammos
Villas area as seen from Pahiammos village
To Pay directly by card please take a Booking form in Microsoft Word format to send by email